External Radio & Antenna Attachment Option

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External Radio & Antenna Attachment Option

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Having just heard there's no such option currently available on the Openspot 2 & am on the brink of buying one myself (And having been an EchoLink RF Link sysop in a "Former Life" [emoji1787][emoji23], I believe that making this simple request at this time is appropriate

Since the original Openspot (From what I understand of them) used to have an RJ-45 jack on it for Tethering (And mobile radios use them for mics), an Ethernet cable could be used to connect the Openspot 2 (Which are weaker in power output) to a(n) more powerful (And more FCC Type Acceptable) external radio capable of transmitting and decoding digital voice packets on the same network mode (DMR, C4FM, D-Star, etc.) AND transmitting & receiving on THE SAME frequency, reflector, TG, etc. as you are on your HT AND the Openspot 2 is set to receive & transmit on, one COULD (At least IN THEORY) keep your Openspot 2 at home while carrying around an HT operating on THE SAME frequency, reflector & TG as your home base radio (At least around the neighborhood & immediate surrounding areas of it)

The reason I suggest this is MANY of us often find ourselves going to places WELL within our neighborhood (Of either work or home) & not having an Openspot = one less device we have to worry about losing (At least in the neighborhood of where we live and/or work [emoji23])

That only leaves places where we DO NOT live or work & places where remote RF links can't easily penetrate walls (Like the inside of Walmart stores for example [emoji849])

I know it sounds like an old EchoLink RF Linking trick BUT when you think about it, a hotspot is as good as just about any PC to Radio EchoLink RF linking direct Interface out there so WHY SHOULDN'T the Openspot 2 have similar functionality BUT for the Digital modes instead??

Other hotspots (Mostly homebrew Raspberry Pi based ones) have it. Why shouldn't THE #1 Hotspot IN THE WORLD have it?? The fact the Opensoot 2 doesn't is BAFFLING

Is this a crazy idea?? What do you think??

Cheers & 73 [emoji23]


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