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Transmit RX confirmation with destination TX ID

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2021 2:55 am
by Demetr
Use case:
Yaesu FTM-400XDR - OS2 - BM
"Transmit RX confirmation" is checked

After each TX radio gets confirmation TX and shows "openSPOT 2" on display.

Is it possible to send with "Transmit RX confirmation" current destination ID for TX instead of "openSPOT 2" string? Something like "->91" - that will indicate that you've just transmitted to TG 91

There will be no need to check destination ID for TX in web portal.
Will help avoid TX to wrong TGs:
- OS has been just turned on and user can't remember last destination ID for TX
- destination ID for TX hasn't been properly set using DTMF ("00" in ID has been decoded as "0")