Openspot3 no tx

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Openspot3 no tx

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I'm having trouble with my Openspot3. After a few months of successful use. Suddenly a problem occurs with tx. I can hear talkgroups but they can't hear me! I have also problems with autocall. Cant hear the radio. I use Kenwood th-d74. Any help?
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Re: Openspot3 no tx

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DMR AutoCal can only be used to calibrate the openSPOT3 for DMR transceivers. You use a D-STAR transceiver, so no calibration is needed.

Make sure you are transmitting to the correct talkgroup by checking the call log on the status page. The setting which controls what talkgroup your calls will be sent is the "Route cross mode calls to ID" (at the Homebrew connector settings). You can read more about it here: ... mode-usage
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