v19 Profiles still need adjusting

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v19 Profiles still need adjusting

Post by WB5JJJ »

In DMR mode only here.

Profiles 1, 2 and 3 now work correctly, at least the Status Page and voice announcement agree.

Profiles 4 and 5 are both programmed to 3108 (Atlanta) server, but when selected they show on the status page correctly, but the voice announcement says connected to 3102. Which is it really connected to 3108 or 3102?

I really like the WiFi check box, thanks for including my suggestion as it will make updating much easier when I travel.
George Cotton, WB5JJJ
Russellville, Arkansas USA
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SharkRF team
SharkRF team
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Re: v19 Profiles still need adjusting

Post by HA2NON »

Thank you for the info, we'll check that.
Norbert Varga, HA2NON
SharkRF Team
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