Defective openSPOT2 Unit?

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Defective openSPOT2 Unit?

Post by kd2bnt » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:42 am


A few months ago, I invested in an openSPOT2 unit and right from the beginning, i had trouble with it. I configured it for DMR service and I could see calls coming through the status window and my radio, however, I only hear soundbite of audio (less than a second) before the it goes silent. All the time, I believed I was doing something wrong with radio programming, however, after configuring DMR using repeaters, i had no trouble with the radio.

The pattern is consistent: I hear audio for less than a second with the signal showing many bars, then the bars would drop to none and the audio stops. The signal bars remain constant when i use repeaters.

What could explain this behavior? Could I possibly have a defective unit?

David Garcia

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Re: Defective openSPOT2 Unit?

Post by n6cid » Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:52 pm

First off I would suggest you download & read the manual to ensure you have your OS2 configured correctly.

Next I would download and read the manual of the radio you are using to ensure you understood how to program it. You may also find videos online to assist in the programing procedure...

Once you have completed the above suggestions then you might be able to provide more information as to the problems you are having...

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Re: Defective openSPOT2 Unit?

Post by HA2NON » Tue Jul 09, 2019 6:38 am

Make sure you have set the TX power to 100% on the Modem page, the color code on your radio and the OS2 match, and you have set the desired TG as the TX contact in your radio's current channel (or you have the TG in the RX group list assigned for the current channel on your radio). Please also read the DMR usage notes in the user manual at ... l#page-top

First test with the built-in local echo by calling DMR ID 9999. Do you hear yourself back correctly?
Norbert "Nonoo" Varga, HA2NON
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