OpenSpot2 and Huawei CUN-L01

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OpenSpot2 and Huawei CUN-L01

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OpenSpot2 works well and connects with Iphone without problems. When I try to use Huawei CUN-L01 Hotspot OpenSpot2 fails to connect it. Does anyone have the same problem or know how to help me solve the problem?

Thank you in advance for your support.


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Re: OpenSpot2 and Huawei CUN-L01

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- Make sure you've entered the Wi-Fi password case sensitive.
- If you have WEP encryption on your router, then make sure the password is ASCII, not hex. The openSPOT2 only supports ASCII WEP passwords. The best is to switch the encryption to WPA2 or WPA because it's much safer.
- Make sure you have enabled 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, not just 5GHz.
- Place the openSPOT2 close to the Wi-Fi router.
- Make sure the Wi-Fi bandwith is set to max. 20Mhz in the Wi-Fi router (see explanation here: ... less-speed)
- If it still does not work, try switching Wi-Fi channel on your Wi-Fi router. Only channels 1, 6 or 11 should be used (see explanation here: ... -6-11.html)
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