os2 disrupting devices?

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os2 disrupting devices?

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Does anyone have any issues with os2 causing interference? I have a 2014 ram and when os2 is powered I get random key fob missing if door gets opened, and it has caused a reported blinker failure and reported tpms failure. I say reported be cause I have no issues when os2 not powered. I'm glad I didn't pay for the new led tail light, because I have 0 notifications of any truck malfunctions. Last time I had the tpms alert I pulled over on freeway and everything was fine, unplugged os2 and no alerts. Also I do not have any issues with my work truck 2018 chevy which the os is powered more in. Maybe the Ram is more sensitive.

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Re: os2 disrupting devices?

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You should change the OS2's frequency from the default 433.900 MHz.
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