Out For review

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Out For review

Post by Bob_K6UDA »

I've been playing with my review model now for a few hours. Cross mode from DMR to D-Star and D-Star to DMR is a game changer. Flawless. Sounded great to others on REF30C and frankly they were shocked that I was talking on a DMR radio.
As with the OSP2, my setup took all of about 5 minutes. I could go on but I've got to save some of this stuff for my video tomorrow. Thanks to the Shark RF team, you knocked this one out of the ball park.


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Re: Out For review

Post by HA5OGR »

We are looking forward to the video! :) Thanks for your testing. Merry Christmas Bob!
73 de Lajos
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Re: Out For review

Post by anndel »

I just ordered one. I just received and got the Openspot2 up and running a few days ago but bought the OP3 for the road. Can't wait until after 20 Jan 20!

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Re: Out For review

Post by cyberjew »

Funny! I went to the Brandmeister dashboard the other day and saw there were 3 Openspot 3s connected to the network. I figured there was at least one development unit and a couple of seed units out there. :-)

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Re: Out For review

Post by KD6QFO »

You just cost me $314.63 :)

I read about the OS3 a week ago and did not pickup on all the game changing features. I knew it had a built in battery and that was not a big deal for me as the OS2’s are currently connected to a larger battery in a pack or the truck/car.

After doing a little more reading and watching your brief review this evening, I like the idea of hardware transcoding which probably opened the device up to the cool cross modes. APRS might be interesting too.

Looking forward to getting it in Late January.

Auburn, CA.

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