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I am a newbie at OpenSpot3 so please don't dog me out.
I have read several pages of the General discussion section of the forum.
However, I do not see any answer to my question. Several questions that are close but not exact.

My question is as follows: on the Yaesu website: https://www.yaesu.com/jp/en/wires-x/id/active_node.php there is a room I would like to access with my Icom 9700. My Openspot 3 is setup, I have talked to Fusion/Wires-X America link and know it is working. On the webpage I mentioned is a "room" I would like to acccess. The room has a node # and a DMTF #.

How do I connected with only this information?

Thank you.
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SharkRF team
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Re: Wires-X

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Connecting directly to the proprietary Wires-X network is not supported by the openSPOT3, however, there are several FCS rooms, YSFReflector servers, BrandMeister Network talkgroups which are linked to the Wires-X network and you can use to reach Wires-X rooms.
Norbert Varga, HA2NON
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