YSFReflector logoff when i turn off Opespot3

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YSFReflector logoff when i turn off Opespot3

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Good morning / good evening everyone. I noticed that when I turn off Openspot3 (holding down the button for a few seconds until you hear "beep" and the object turns off) immediately YSF running at home on a raspberry pi3 goes offline and I have to restart the raspberry. This thing happens to me whether my openspot is connected to the home network, where I have YSF, or if openspot is connected to the mobile phone that works as a router on the LTE line outside the home. Does it happen to you too? Is there anything to set on openspot or does it depend on the YSF and there is nothing to configure on the openspot side?
Again I apologize for the bad English and thank you for the suggestions ...
PS. openspot3 is an exceptional machine ... congratulations to SharkRF a real gem ...
best regards to all .... 73
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Re: YSFReflector logoff when i turn off Opespot3

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We are very happy that you like our product! :)

The openSPOT3 does not send any special packet to the server when it turns off or disconnects. The server should detect that the openSPOT3 is no longer responding and close it's connection. Try updating your YSFReflector server to the latest version, and check it's log for more information on why is it crashing.
Norbert Varga, HA2NON
SharkRF Team
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