How To Cross Mode Using Anytone 878

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How To Cross Mode Using Anytone 878

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I posted this in another thread it might be useful to some People, it's rather daunting trying to figure this out from scratch so I hope someone finds it useful.

It's super easy to crossmode on the Anytone 878, first create your profiles, for example, my profiles are No.1 Fusion, No.2 DMR and No.3 D-Star. So when I want to go to Fusion I private dial 9001 on the 878 and it switches to fusion and connects to the last used fusion reflector.

If I want to go to D-Star, I private dial 9003 and it connects to D-Star and last used reflector.

You'll have to wait for a gap in transmission before you'll be able to do dial in another profile and change reflectors as usual, this is why People should leave a few seconds of a gap every now and again to allow People to unlink.

To switch D-Star reflectors, simply add them as talk groups, on the 878 go to "menu" "talk Group" "new contact" "input id" and input 13003 for REF 30C on D-Star and for REF 1C add 10103 then all you have to do is bring up the tg list to find your reflectors.

For Fusion, it's even easier all you got to do is the same, on the 878 go to "menu" "talk Group" "new contact" "input id" and input 10200 for North America and save 32592 for America link and so on.

As per the manual.

All calls coming from the D-STAR® network will be sent as a group call to DMR ID 9 (TG9). Make sure TG9 is the TX contact of your DMR radio's current channel, or it's in an RX group list which is assigned to the current channel in the radio, otherwise the squelch won't open and you won't hear the calls.

D-Star takes a little bit more thought, see below, from the manual.

Module number is the remote module, and it is always 2 digits long. 01 is module A, 02 is module B, 03 is module C and so on.

Some examples:

ID 4901 will connect to DCS009A (server type 4 (DCS), number 9 and module 01 which is A)
ID 4812 will connect to DCS008L (server type 4 (DCS), number 8 and module 12 which is L)
ID 10103 will connect to REF001C (server type 1 (REF), number 01 and module 03 which is C)
ID 13003 will connect to REF030C (server type 1 (REF), number 30 and module 03 which is C)
ID 312302 will connect to XLX123B (server type 3 (XLX), number 123 and module 02 which

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