Ethernet and/or Tethering

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Ethernet and/or Tethering

Post by cyberjew »

I just wanted to make an official entry on the Feature Requests based on my thread on the General Discussions board.

Please provide support for a hardwired connection between the OS and the Internet connection - either Ethernet, Ethernet over USB, or support for tethering in a future product.

The fewer RF based connections the better!

Thank you,

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Re: Ethernet and/or Tethering

Post by HamScanMan »

I second that on Ethernet. Or, make a seperate model that is just Ehternet, not Wireless.
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Re: Ethernet and/or Tethering

Post by KB5SCW »

I'd also like to favorite/vote this request. I'd love to have a version of the OpenSpot that adds an Ethernet RJ45 connection.

I love my OpenSpot3 for mobile use and just in general. However, I'd also like a version that I can leave perpetually plugged into power and an Ethernet RJ45 connector. I'd be OK if the "ethernet" version was a different form-factor or a little bigger to accommodate a RJ45 jack.

My current hotspots are: 1). OpenSpot3 2) TGIFSpot w 3.5" Nexion Screen running Pi-Star.

I "Actually" like using my OpenSpot3 more; but have the TGIFSpot running perpetually at home....using a RJ45 connection.

Let me repeat: I LOVE MY OPENSPOT3 Much more! <3

Cheers and 73s
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Re: Ethernet and/or Tethering

Post by VE3RWJ »

Agreed! Wired connection is almost always better, especially if the Wi-Fi portion of the device is going to be 2.4GHz only.
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Re: Ethernet and/or Tethering

Post by KD2HYE »

The OpenSpot concept and software is incredible... though let down with the Wi-Fi adapter on the OpenSpot3 to be sub-optimal putting it kindly. I have a lot of interference in my apartment building and the connection is terrible even right next to an AP. I previously used a RaspberryPi and DVAP with Ethernet (and Wi-Fi) connection and it was solid.

I would like to see an option for either:
  • External antenna connector
  • Ethernet RJ45 port
  • Ethernet RJ45 port with PoE
Has anyone attempted to mod their OpenSpot to get a better Wi-Fi adapter or ethernet connection?
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