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New Feature Request

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Ability to TX through openspot 4. I take it TX through OS3 would be impossible but just imagine how cool that would be ? just like the dvmega and bluedv.

Bluetooth for TX RX Audio + PTT. Audio out of OS3 with my bose headset is just so much better than most radios, it would be great to have the audio come from the Openspot via bluetooth and also a line out for cars with no bluetooth or fussy bluetooth systems where the Openspot might not connect.

Video out for screen for Use in car or some way of using in car that can easily switch between rooms, Talk groups, profiles, perhaps an openspot dedicated mic with buttons, maybe a button for Fusion, another button for D-Star and so on. A touchscreen for navigation through other menus without the need for mobile phone. Touchscreenthat makes switching talk groups, reflectors easy for in car use. I use the OS3 in the car a lot so this would be really convenient compared to current setup with transceiver. It's fine when on a channel but changing can be tricky on the road.

Dedicated App for easier finding and control of openspot that makes it easier than using mobile phone browser.

And you know what, I just thought about this, A lot of new cars today have Android Auto and Apple Car Play, so do we not see the potential here with dedicated app ? oh yes that would be incredible then perhaps be able to use the steering wheel for PTT and maybe scroll through talk groups and reflectors but just imagine being able to use the cars built in infotainment screen to see the channels, change reflectors, talk groups, see the call sign, name etc ? The potential here is huge!

Basically all this would/could mean no radio is needed which is the future for hotspots and will have to be for radios too, the IC-705 can access D-Star directly via it's built in WiFi which is really amazing except for the price!

A memory feature would also be very convenient for storing frequently used Reflectors, talk groups etc.
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