Openspot3, and EEro, and/or Mesh routers?

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Re: Openspot3, and EEro, and/or Mesh routers?

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Turn on advanced mode and then save the log output in the log window on the status page.

If the tech support are any good that should be enough for them, I would also suggest providing the network setup on the network page, IP address, netmask and gateway address plus DNS server addresses.
Brian G8SEZ
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Re: Openspot3, and EEro, and/or Mesh routers?

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GOOD NEWS!!! It works!!!

Bad news - not sure why? But here is what happened which may help.

Switched out my Eero system for ASUS (customer service at Eero poor - Asus is future proofed)
But that didn't fix OpenSpot3 from connecting

So the last option seemed to be switch ISPs. I will soon have the option to switch to a better ISP as they just ran the fibre to my house a few days ago. So I pulled my OS3 out of the console in my car where it had likely completely drained the battery over the past few months - just prior to putting it in there I had reset it yet again in an effort to connect. So it was reset and dead. (to be clear, I still have the same ISP but had some time and just wanted to see if I could get it working anyway). I charged it, then set it up as though it was the first time. IT SET UP!!! I thought "let's go for broke and see if it will upgrade" something it would not do before. It completely upgraded as it should!!!

So now it works in every way just as it did when I first purchased it.

Was it because draining the battery over a longtime cleared any residual software corrupted files? Was it because Apple upgraded their software in the last few months to keep up with OS3, ....I simply don't know.

To conclude, it was not an Eero Mesh network issue and that's all we really know for sure.

Thx Brian for the tonne of excellent support you provided - it paid off in the sense that you have a loyal client and someone that's happy to let others know that your customer service is top shelf.
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