cross mode with my dmR radio?

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cross mode with my dmR radio?

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Hi there,

I've taken my Openspot 3 on the road with a little Radioidity GD77, and am attempting to cross-mode using the radio. I've figured out how to setup the profiles in the Openspot3, and I can successfully change between the profiles. However, I do not understand how you change d-star reflectors while using a DMR radio, or change to various YSF, and FCS reflectors,. Is there a clear concise way on how to do this?
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Re: cross mode with my dmR radio?

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For switching D-STAR servers using a DMR transceiver please see the "Cross mode usage" section on this page: ... l#page-top

YSFReflector and FCS server switching are also described on their user manual pages.
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