No DSatr to DMR audio

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No DSatr to DMR audio

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Hello, I am trying to help a Blind Ham who has an openspot3 and is trying to crossmode between DStar and DMR. He has a Kenwood D74 radio. He has sent BM3101 from his radio and hears that the server has changed over to Brandmiester, He also sends DTMF codes to select a talkgroup. He can hear tarnsmissions on the DMR talkgroup on his D74 radio but he is not able to transmit any audio from the D74 to the DMR talkgroup. Please help. Thank you. WA0BKP

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Re: No DSatr to DMR audio

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Have you read this section of the manual? ... l#page-top

I don't know for sure if something like this could be affecting things, but it's worth a look. There are a couple of links to the DStar and DMR settings in there, maybe the DMR server is being a bit picky about the callsign/ID setup?
Brian G8SEZ

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Re: No DSatr to DMR audio

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Please also check if the D-STAR transceiver's urcall is set to CQCQCQ.
Norbert "Nonoo" Varga, HA2NON
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