Return and Refund

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Return and Refund

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I have spent the last 9 1/2 days trying to get my OpenSpot3 to work with my iPhone. I have tried all the advice given. It still links to my iPhone inconsistently. My Zumspot always links to my iPhone. I only got the OpenSpot3 because it is more portable and does not need one to carry an external battery to power it. It is advertised as such. But I am pulling my hair out because after working one day and turning it off. It refused to connect the next day - See my prior post in the Troubleshooting section of this forum. I had it working just fine yesterday, left it on for two hours, and took it outside for my daily walk. After walking less than half a city block, it disconnected. It would not re-connect to my iPhone after that no matter how many times I turn it off and put it back on.

At this point I am not looking to troubleshoot this problem. I have had to Factory Reset this OS3 7 times. - - The first evening it turned off and refuse to turn back on for over half an hour
- It refused to connect after being turned off. I only use the OS3 for my daily walks, then turn it off
- I have no interest in using it at home, as it's not the reason I purchased the OS3
- Half the time it will not connect to my iPhone
- When Factory Resetting it and connecting to it via AP it never opened an OpenSpot page. I have this on video. 7 times it opened the default browser and opened an MSN tab. I even changed my default browser to Chrome and it still did it on Chrome.
- I suspect something is wrong with this unit. I don't expect to be given a hard time about returning it

So I want to send it back and get a full refund. I just need to know the procedure. I am still within the 14 day to return it.
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Re: Return and Refund

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Please contact support at
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Re: Return and Refund

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It is worth noting that there are many reported issues related to the Iphone Hotspot.

My Iphone 11 hotspot works when it wants, it worked this morning on the way to work but a few mins later the HS on the phone stopped working and for 2 hrs won't come back on, not even my work laptop picks it up. So a lot of HS issues are Iphone related and there is no fix from Apple for a long time.
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