OS1 CPU meltdown

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OS1 CPU meltdown

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My OS1 quit working about 2 months ago and I tried all that I knew to get it working.

Yesterday I took it to our local candy store to have the tech give me his opinion on it.

He opened the case and plugged it in and got one red blink. Did a hard reset and got 2 blinking green lights. He pushed reset again and all stopped. While it was plugged in he notice the CPU was very hot.

After this discovery he determined the CPU was dead. The CPU has an internal short in it. Here is his explanation as to why.

The CPU has a glass plate inside where all the brains of circuit are printed. He said if the cpu gets to hot to the point of melting this glass the circuit traces can move and short out. That heavy hunk of metal in the bottom of OS1 acts as a heatsink. Since the case is not ventilated air Connor circulate past this plate. He said they had left the bottom open and added a finned heatsink CPU meltdown may never have happened. He said with this current setup the CPU will last about 4 years roughly.

Note: If I had known this, I would put a heatsink Mod on mine. As I noticed it had gotten hot in the past.

Just food for thought for those who still have a working OS1.
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