USB connection for firmware upgrade

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USB connection for firmware upgrade

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If you're having trouble getting the "BOOTLOADER" drive to show up in Windows 10, I found several things that the manual directions and the firmware update video do not tell you.

First, make sure you have the OpenSpot 1 USB power cable plugged into a USB port on your machine where you have downloaded the new firmware file to.

Second, make sure that cable is an OTG ("On The Go") USB cable that has all four wires hooked up on both ends. Not having either one of these or both will assure a couple of hours of frustration.

Third, the "BOOTLOADER" drive does NOT show up instantly. Be patient and use the F5 key to refresh your screen as you watch for it even if Windows "found"' the drive and completed.

Hopefully this isn't something that has been re-hashed too many times.... I did a search on OTG and Firmware updating and didn't find anything specific as to what I shared.

I've had my OpenSpot 1 for over 5 years and didn't recall these points today as I was re-configuring the unit to pass along to my son who just got his new ham license and is excited about getting on DMR!!

73 all
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Re: USB connection for firmware upgrade

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Hi Dennis!
This is Martin and my shark is blinking red again! So I am dead in the water, again!
Wondering about a firmware upgrade?!
Any idea?
I tried to reset the openspot time and time again, no go and it does not shop on the browser either, can't find it comes back!

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Re: USB connection for firmware upgrade

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Slow (1Hz) flashing red Status LED means that the null connector is active. This is the default case when you've done a factory reset. Activate another connector to initiate connecting to a server.
Fast flashing red Status LED means openSPOT is trying to connect to the selected server, but it can't connect (network issues, or server is down). In this case you should try using another server. In case you are using a BrandMeister server: please check the hotspot security setting on your BrandMeister SelfCare page at If hotspot security is turned on, you have to use the hotspot password you've set there as the server password in the openSPOT. If hotspot security is turned off, then you have to use the default server password which is "passw0rd" (without the double quotation marks).

Make sure openSPOT is connected to the same router your browser device is connected to with an Ethernet cable. If http://openspot.local/does not work then please open the web interface by entering openSPOT's IP address in your browser. You can find openSPOT's IP address by looking at the DHCP client list in your router's web interface, or you can use an IP or MDNS scanner app.
Norbert Varga, HA2NON
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