Firmware update

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Firmware update

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Do have to disconnect the CAT5 cable from the openspot when you run the firmware update or leave it connected to the router during the process?

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Re: Firmware update

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You do not need to disconnect the CAT5 cable during a firmware update. The ethernet connection is irrelevant for the update process.
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Re: Firmware update

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The FW update is done exclusively via the USB port on you computer and the OS. However, if you leave the LAN connected, you can use the SETTINGS tab at the bottom and reboot to BOOTLOADER function, but that's all.
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Re: Firmware update

Post by K0MGL »

I just unplugged the USB cable from the wall wart and inserted it into a USB port on my PC. The openSPOT re-booted, I navigated to the Settings page with my browser, hit "Reboot to Bootloader", copied the "bin" file to the drive labeled "BOOTLOADER" on my PC (that's how the openSPOT shows up on a Windows PC after you reboot into the bootloader).

About a minute or so later, I had green lights and a SUCCESS.TXT on the BOOTLOADER drive. Unplugged the USB cable from the PC and back into the wall wart, reboot and I'm back online with firmware 0117!

Easy, peasy.

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