DMR Radio Choice

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Re: DMR Radio Choice

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The Zastone D900 is a clone of the TYT980 but was slightly cheaper at the time. It is functionally identical and as robust. You need to filch the TYT code plug as the Zastone one misses on a few features.
The TYT plug works perfectly.

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Re: DMR Radio Choice

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Go for a quality radio! If you can afford, invest a few more Dollars and get a Mototrbo or Hytera. Hytera has the best support for amateur radio (at least here in Europe) plus high end quality and acceptable prices.
To check about quality see the US FCC site. That's what I did and I was surprised! You can find a lot of photos of the inner parts of proved radios from all manufacturers. You'll see that the Dollar radios are actually not even properly shielded beside the lack of lot's of functionality (modulation setting, key pad setting, roaming ... and lots more). To really imagine what's the difference between a quality radio and a budget-toy you'll have to compare side by side, connected to an outside antenna. Also have a view on both CPS. Especially the Retevis/Tyt might look good from the outside but what the inside looks like you don't wanna know. For playing around with the hacked firmware it's a nice piece, for serious ham radio operation it's second choice in my opinion. You get what you pay for.

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