WI-FI Version

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WI-FI Version

Post by wa7bnd@yahoo.com » Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:09 pm

I have been waiting over a year for the wi-fi version to be released, especially since being promised the wi-fi version should be released in mid 2017. Since then, there have been several alternatives show up. ALL with wi-fi enabled. I can't help but think that the open spot will start losing sales if they don't start selling a wi-fi version. My only thought is that SharkRF must have ordered a large number of units to keep pricing down and is now afraid to release a wi-fi version knowing that they would be stuck with the non wi-fi versions which would not sell. I must say that the open spot is an EXCELLENT PRODUCT, but it is now obsolete. For those of you who have been waiting patiently like me, I would encourage you to look at the nano-spot made by micro-node international. I own their nano-node for IRLP and it works great. Please forgive me if I seem hard on SharkRF, but they need to know what customers want, and that we won't wait forever for the wi-fi version.
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Re: WI-FI Version

Post by K9IUQ » Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:02 pm

Two things are holding the Nano-Spot from being a Openspot killer. First off it will not crossmode, and that is a biggie. Secondly HRO in the USA does not sell them.

The Nano-Spot is a very interesting product. It's build quality is much higher than an Openspot and it has many wanted features that the Openspot lacks, for instance a truly neat readout.

SharkRf NEEDS to start paying attention to the evolvement of hotspots and begin improving and updating their product to stay competitive.. There are many things in the future of hotspots, can you say Dualband hotspots? IOW a hotspot that will do both vhf and uhf, which would make the new DMR dual band radios even more desirable. How about the ability to do Fusion on one band and DMR/Dstar on the other band, all at the same time?

Wake up SharkRf and start engineering what we hams want OR you will end up in the dustbin of radio history.

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Re: WI-FI Version

Post by M3SXA » Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:05 pm

wa7bnd@yahoo.com wrote:
Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:09 pm
especially since being promised the wi-fi version should be released in mid 2017....
Hi, be interested to know who promised you it would be released 2017 as far as I know The SharkRF team have never given a release date just that it will be ready when its ready....
73 Steve
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Re: WI-FI Version

Post by AA1PR » Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:03 am

Like others I have held my breath far too long til I'm blue in the face
combine it with a tp link etc and its wireless
i would still buy this version over an wifi one because it allows me to customize it as needed
then again Ive never been a follower of trends
I've got your DMR #

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Re: WI-FI Version

Post by KC2AXD » Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:27 am

I feel some of the posters pain. I bought the open spot with the thoughts of big things coming soon. I certainly wasn’t one of the first buyers I bought however the second batch and a few ever since. The working on things like WiFi, Wires X capable, and such was a huge appeal. Sure there was no promises but “we’re working on it” publically gave me a false sense of security I suppose.
Seems like support is not as interactive either as it once was. Haven’t had a update in a while, & pretty stagnant forum it seems now.
All in all the Openspot still works great. And the technology is awesome. It used to be funny every batch that made it in the USA the following week after you’d hear a lot of testers on C4FM. Does seem like there’s some serious competition nipping at its heels now however. I hope support gets better like it once was with more updates, and some of the “were working on it” stuff comes around.

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Re: WI-FI Version

Post by hagensieker » Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:52 pm

I joined this board to respond to this topic :D

I just started DMR and I'm an all in kind of guy. I'll buy it all and test it. I bought an OpenSpot first and in fact use it in the house. Then I built a Raspberry Pi with a DVMega and then a Zumspot. I bought the OLED and Nextion screens as well. I have a cheap clone and a DV Blue on the way.

One of my first observations with the other devices was that you have to have Raspberry Pi (or whatever hardware platform) and Linux skillsets to make them work. Tell an old ham without Linux skills that he needs to sudo nano mmdvmhost.ini is akin to making the OpenSpot even more desirable.

OpenSpot is still the only plug and play hotspot out there unless you buy a kit with a pre-flashed SDR card in it. So while you can get another hotspot with wifi and get it cheaper you have to possess some Linux and Pi knowledge first.

As I talk around DMR there are a lot of folks taking OpenSpot out in the mobile with a TPLink. They found a hardware solution. Yes an OpenSpot with wifi sounds like a great idea, and it is.......there is a segment of old guys that needs a plug and play solution and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

I touched on this oh, so briefly on my blog site.

http://www.hagensieker.com/blog/page/?p ... mr-hotspot

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Re: WI-FI Version

Post by KC2AXD » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:46 am

Yes, using it via WiFi is simple. I’ve used a vonnets bridge for near 2 years and it’s as easy as it get to take it Portable.

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Re: WI-FI Version

Post by Km6nva » Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:02 pm

I will wait for wifi and crossmode in one box. Nanospot or Openspot doesn’t matter to me, just that I don’t have to carry around one more piece of equipment.

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Re: WI-FI Version

Post by DO1IP » Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:55 pm

73s, de DO1IP
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