Modem 9600baud raised cosine versus (9600)

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Modem 9600baud raised cosine versus (9600)

Post by n8lbv » Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:05 am

This is more of an observation than a question.
Testing with DMR MD-380 radio.
Either seems to work fine with the radio.

Listening to the modulation (raised consine) (on an FM analog Receiver) sounds much "smoother" less high frequency components

Radio decodes and sounds good no matter which is used (raised cosine or not).

Also radio decode sounds noticeably better when "demodulation mode" is set to "F"
Rather than default "A" with my version of this radio.

With setting=A it sporadically does not return anything on echo test.
and when it does echo it is not longer than 2-3 seconds all LONG tests (10+ seconds) fail
with nothing transmitting back.
Setting this to "F" seems to fix everything and long echo tests work good.
I've not tried other settings yet
I feel more like I do now.

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