It just works. Period.

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Re: It just works. Period.

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I will agree 100% Most of the issues I had were OPERATOR ERROR on my part..

The developers are very easy to work with, they "understand" on how C4fm works.. Cross mode with my fusion radio has been flawless.

I am so glad I sold my dv4mini and went with open shark.. I am considering another one in the future since now you can build your won reflector and use YSF reflectors.. This device works well when pointed to a fusion repeater . No audio drop outs or anything.. all works well. Time for a APP for android/ IOS to be able to use the reflectors instead of radio..I would pay for that app ..
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Re: It just works. Period.

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Tonight I did a 3+ hour DSTAR "stress test" on the following:

- OpenSPOT

- DVMega w/Nextion display

- DV4home

The OpenSPOT on 0057 (a five minute firmware upgrade!) was flawless.
Never hung, kept up with the maelstrom of the DSTAR QSO party on REF001C really, really well.

The DVMega also kept up well. Of course I did recompile ircddbgateway and MMDVMHost from the most recent sources to get past a crashy DSTAR bug in a previous build but it never hung up or crashed the whole time.

The DV4home also kept up well however the OLED screen has a really slow refresh rate and after 3 hours of almost non-stop DSTAR QSOs the screen was littered with artifacts and looked horrible. It would also not unlink from REF001C forcing me to pull the power plug (the only way to power on/off the device).

Bottom-line - if you rock-solid reliability and don't feel like learning Linux or playing with Raspberry Pi images others have created (I roll my own from source and it's running as a headless server only with no GUI user interface), go with the OpenSPOT.

OpenSPOT is now my go-to DMR hotspot with the DVMega doing DSTAR duty or if I want to monitor a second DMR talkgroup or reflector.

Awesome, awesome work by the entire SharkRF team.

p.s. And now there's a cool open-sourced IP Connector Protocol server I can run on my wireless Pi-powered weather display? Man, do you guys ever sleep? :mrgreen:
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