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Have managed to get OS2 on home network, but although i think i have set up second network as phone i still cant connect in my vehicle using poritible. Not sure if i need to adjust some setting in advanced mode?
Another question, is it the phone wifi or hotspot i connect to to use the phone portible? as i cant have both on!
Thanks for any help.
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Re: Settings

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Here's a quick tip on setting up the OS2 both for home and phone Wi-Fi connections:

Go to the Network page, Wireless settings section on the OS2 web interface. Make sure Advanced mode is turned on (there's a checkbox for that at the bottom right of the web interface). Set your home Wi-Fi as SSID #1 (and key) and your phone's Wi-Fi as SSID #2 (and key). If your home Wi-Fi (SSID #1) is not reachable then the openSPOT2 will automatically try to connect to your phone's Wi-Fi (SSID #2).

Make sure you enter passwords case sensitive.

If you use an iPhone then make sure you use the Save button at the Wireless scan list to save the iPhone's Wi-Fi network to SSID #2 as it contains a special apostrophe character which you can't enter using your keyboard.

Please explain your last question as I don't understand it.
Norbert Varga, HA2NON
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