DMR Contact List

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DMR Contact List

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I am just getting into DMR and plan to use my OpenSpot 1 and 2 mobile. I just saw a difference in the OpenSpot's (1,2 and the new 3) which forces me to ask a question of the more experienced people using OpenSpot devices.

1) I see the OS1 does not get DMR ID database updates. How will this impact me using DMR on an OpenSpot 1? Is this a big enough issue to use only the OpenSpot 2?

2) With the new OpenSpot 3 out, will DMR contact databases stay updated automatically?

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Re: DMR Contact List

Post by HA2NON »

The ID database is very useful in cross modes, so for example you can see the remote party's callsign on your Fusion radio while using a DMR network. The OS1 can't do this.

The OS2 and OS3 automatically updates the ID database.
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