Analog radio only?

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Analog radio only?

Post by Michaelnstl »

I have been out of Amateur Radio for the last few years and have missed much of the digital revolution. I am now looking to jump back in. Was wondering, can you utilize the openspot if you do not have a digital radio? Say, set up 2 open spots at 2 locations and use analog radios between the 2? Could you also go to a fusion reflector?

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Re: Analog radio only?

Post by jim.podsiadlo »

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SharkRF team
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Re: Analog radio only?

Post by HA2NON »

A digital radio is needed for using openSPOT.
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Re: Analog radio only?

Post by fdnyfish »

Just started reading about SharkRF. I am suprised to see that you need a digital radio for it to work. I would of thought that the openspot bridged the gap of analog and digital.

Is this something that might be available in the future?
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Re: Analog radio only?

Post by KK4MHI »

This would require an actual AMBE 3000 chip inside the OpenSPOT itself, which would raise costs (design, development, testing, manufacture, etc.).
It would also probably require a beefier processor chip as well in order to decode/encode digital-to-analog on-the-fly as it flows to/from the analog radio, which would also result in higher costs.

Basically it would require an AMBE3000 chip/board, a small transceiver, and a microcontroller like an Arduino Mega 2560 to make it happen - possibly may require a Raspberry Pi 3 running a bare-bones Linux distro just for the power.
Timing is everything though, so it has to be a fairly fast system.

Intriguing idea though. I run an Arduino 2560 with an AMBE3000 board on it and a mic/speaker/volume board hooked up to my PC MMDVMHost running as a service and do DMR that way to save on radio batteries.
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Re: Analog radio only?

Post by ng1p »

Now that we have DVswitch that does support digital to Analog.. I wonder if this could be done now all in software. DVswitch works with all the digital modes. Dstar would still need AMBE 3000 hardware but everything else would work..
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Re: Analog radio only?

Post by alanboo2019 »

No, man. A digital radio I think!
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Re: Analog radio only?

Post by Tanker62 »

So, has there been any update concerning compatibility with analog radios? I'm mostly working with analog stuff, I'm starting to dabble in digital as well, but I'm much more comfortable with the other type of radio.
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Re: Analog radio only?

Post by n5amd »

Actually now... kind of. The Anytone mobile 578 has the ability to input analog and spit out DMR which means for the awesome price of ~$400 you can have a fancy analog to digital converter....

[Analog radio] <---> [Anytone 578] <---> [Openspot in DMR]

Its certainly overkill, but could be useful depending on your situation.
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