USB port

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USB port

Post by vk2yhx »

Just wondering, if I were to use the device portable whilst i am on holiday in Europe, how do i access the internet? Normally i would use a USB port to attach the 3G/4G dongle on the Odroid box and dvmega. Is there provision for such external access ? I am trying to find a way to have easy access to most digital modes whilst 'on the road'... thanks

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Re: USB port

Post by HA2NON »

Dear vk2yhx,

You can use openSPOT while on the road with a 3G/4G ethernet adapter like this one: ... R3020.html

Reflector connections can be managed with your radio.

Norbert "Nonoo" Varga, HA2NON
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Re: USB port

Post by Andrew »

Spero maybe their is a way of using your phone to supply the data ? Is their a way of going from iPhone to ethernet ?
73 Andy vk3as

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Re: USB port

Post by joel »

On the iphone, if you use the USB to Lightening cable, connect to that router USB port and switch on tethering, you will get a message to set up a hotspot via USB, make sure you click trust the device then you have a wired connection between the phone and that router. The ethernet port should then allow you to connect the opespot up.

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