RF out too low

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RF out too low

Post by billscott »

The 20mw needs to be increased or sell an external amplifier. I realize this is for in the house but some of use want to go outside.

cost is too high keeping me buying. :idea:
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Re: RF out too low

Post by N0RUA »

My solution was to get a right-angle SMA adapter and attach an unused dual-band HT gain antenna I wasn't using.
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Re: RF out too low

Post by K5GHS »

Increased? How large of a property do you have?

I have mine mounted on the wall in my bedroom and I have it set to 25% and I can hear it about 4-6 houses down in each direction. When I had it at 100% I could hear it a quarter mile away, plus. This is in a neighborhood with houses fairly close together.

Mine is up on the wall a bit next to a window but its using the included antenna. I cut the power back because I figured I didn't need to be reaching out that far-although I listened for a while to make sure the frequency I was on wasn't in use (I switched from default in case someone nearby was using one also) but I never have seen a need to use it beyond my property so I turned it down. Now, if you're looking to use it a few miles away I understand, but going above the transmit power you have on it now probably would mean a bigger unit, power supply, etc. I'm sure it was developed the way it was due to the input power limitations, as well as needing a larger final or heatsink for higher power.

I turned it down because I figure I don't need to cause interference to others plus its probably easier on the TX inside it-I'm guessing its designed for fairly sustained use, and I haven't heard of any failures, but I do follow the "minimum power needed for reliable communications" rule by the FCC as well. I've thought of dropping it down even further but I have a neighbor who is getting into the hobby so when I go to his house I bring the HT with me...and it works in his house clearly as well at that setting. I may experiment dropping it down another DB when I go down to see him again. He is two houses from me.

I'm guessing if I went to an external antenna I'd be good for a half mile radius at full power....
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Re: RF out too low

Post by IK8JHL »

The Openspot Receiver is not designed to have a great preamp or a filter band, so what would you listen to at high distances if it could not be recevied from her? I use my ID-5100 as a transponder (but also IC-2820 ) when I need to extend the Range, works well in D-Star, C4FM and DMR (although for DMR needs to buy a VHF radio)
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Re: RF out too low

Post by AA1PR »

I mounted my openspot on the inside of the window vertically and added a nagoya NA771 antenna to it
it now covers approx 1 mile around my village
you can buy dmr amps on ebay for as little as $100
I've got your DMR #
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