Some feature requests *appear* to be ignorred.

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Some feature requests *appear* to be ignorred.

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Yes I read that the "policy" which says some feature requests will not be replied to.
But if you are going to even offer a feature requests section I'm going to at least suggest
that feature requests be acknowledged and give the user some kind of feedback if it's
being considered or not and a brief reason why or why not and the likelihood of it going forward (or not).
I suggest- Don't leave the customer hanging with no response or ack.

I feel more like I do now.

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Re: Some feature requests *appear* to be ignorred.

Post by digitalvoice »

I would assume by now since the Chinaspots, Zumspots are as low as $39.50 which do DMR, DSTAR, P25,FCS,YSF,NXDN WIFI, PISTAR. that it might not be worth it at this point. I use my openspot only on DMR, it runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Getting those additional modes require licenses??? Not sure. The Chinaspots zumspots do cross modes into P25 and NXDN.
Have you tried that option?
I am curious if openspot has to pay a license or if they are going to crossmode into the other modes.

Here nor there the openspot is a great product but I wouldn't waste your breath on this. People assume posting on boards is going to get a response. Some people could care less what is said in social media and they arent going to jump because someone posts something.

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