P25 mode

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Re: P25 mode

Post by N6MIK »

a "me too" post for P25 - It would very much be appreciated!
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Re: P25 mode

Post by Phil_Jr »

Any update on the P25 progress? I'd also appreciate this addition.
BTW, thanks for all your good work. Your quick and knowledgeable responses to this forum are superb.
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Re: P25 mode

Post by Andrew »

Another one for P25 73 VK3AS
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Re: P25 mode

Post by UB3AGT »

+1 for P25 support!
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Re: P25 mode

Post by kg4vdz »

P25 would be awesome but even better would be a p25 cross mode from a dmr radio now that would be sweet !!
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Re: P25 mode

Post by dk9jy »

P25 also plus 1 from me too
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Re: P25 mode -- Not interested

Post by caliham »

-1 not interested in P25
would prefer other features
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Re: P25 mode

Post by DL7DW »

P25 would be fabulous! There is also an existing P25 network in Germany and many users!
Go ahead, P25 ...an additional reason to buy an openspot!
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Re: P25 mode

Post by vk4uq »

I too would love to see P25 be implemented.....

Ours this be done "in software" or is additional hardware required?
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Re: P25 mode

Post by Jerry »

It sounds like P25 mode may be coming. If so, would it be possible to program it in the translation mode so those of us that would like to try P25 and do not have a P25 radio?
Maybe we could use a DMR or C4FM radio to talk in the P25 mode?
Just wishful thinking.............
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