Change/Disconnect TG from webinterface

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Change/Disconnect TG from webinterface

Post by Reink »

The OpenSpot can be connected to one TG at a time, changing this TG (In DMR/Homebrew (BrandMeister)) can only be done via the Modem/RF side of the OpenSpot.

While testing I connected to a TG which was constantly busy, making it almost impossible to change to another TG via the Modem/RF path.

An option in the web interface (and API) to change / disconnect from a connected TG / Reflector is a nice thing to have in such a situation.

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SharkRF team
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Re: Change/Disconnect TG from webinterface

Post by HA2NON »

Thank you for the request, I'll add a button which calls TG4000 in the next beta firmware release.
Norbert "Nonoo" Varga, HA2NON
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Re: Change/Disconnect TG from webinterface

Post by DL6BAW »

This would ne a nice option... good idea, although it is possible to change TF/Reflectors in the BM dashboard when logged in. Just to mention it...

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Re: Change/Disconnect TG from webinterface

Post by W5hj »

But using the BM dashboard while I am mobile using my iPhone is not near as handy as using the web interface. I am really looking forward to this feature because I often have problems getting unlinked from the very busy talkgroup 3148. It requires keeping a sharp eye on my red modem light and quickly squeezing the mic when it goes out. Sometimes there are those that make long winded transmissions there.
Hank W5HJ 73

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Re: Change/Disconnect TG from webinterface

Post by WB5JJJ »

Norbert, I totally support you adding the forced disconnect button to the openSPOT status page. In the very short time I've had my unit, this was a very noticeable "problem" with very busy TG's I get into. I can only get out of them with a reboot of the openSPOT, or be very quick on the trigger. And even then they hang around for 15 minutes. Is this timer something that can also be overcome with a forced or normal disconnect? After I do a reboot, the busy TG is also gone.

Also, the audio acknowledge response on disconnect is very distorted and so much louder than the QSO's in progress at the time that I'm not even sure what it's saying.

I think this is the only problem I've found. Otherwise, a very solid piece of equipment. I know several local hams who are strongly looking into this since we are 75 miles away from the nearest DMR repeater at this time.

Thanks so much for your engineering on this project. It's very much appreciated as you can see with the constant back-order status.

73's George WB5JJJ
George Cotton, WB5JJJ
Russellville, Arkansas USA

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