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User defined radio ID for C4FM instead of "ALL"

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2020 3:27 am
by AE5JO
I know you don't plan on adding features to OpenSpot1, but please hear me out. OpenSpot1 is an ideal device for RF bridge as it has an ethernet port and the OpenSpot2 and OpenSpot3 lack ethernet. Having ethernet connection with OpenSpot on same LAN as reflector and WIRES-X room minimizes latency like no other configuration. In this way, OpenSpot1 is still best choice if you will still allow for the utility.
The feature I wish for is the ability to change in C4FM the radio ID from "ALL" to a user configured radio ID. I am trying to bridge to WIRES-X and the newer WIRES-X software is filtering the bridge. I believe Yaesu is filtering the "ALL". If I could set a legitimate Fusion radio ID (I plan on using the radio ID of the unit on the other end of the RF bridge) onto the RF signal from OpenSpot1 I believe I can circumvent the filtering. Please advise.