Ethernet and WiFi

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Ethernet and WiFi

Post by manitou »

The OpenSpot is a beautifully designed device with a lot of good feedback, good support etc.
But I have not bought it yet.
The reason is the lack of WiFi on the device.
An additional device that converts Ethernet to WiFi can may function properly but you have always this two devices need it plus a powerbank.
I think the OpenSpot are an ideal device for vacation, camping, hotels etc. In these places are mostly no Ethernet connection available. WIFI on the other hand is everywhere. An new OpenSpot with both, WiFi and Ethernet, on board would be ideal . Hopefully follow this quickly on the market.

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Re: Ethernet and WiFi

Post by rolf9999 »

I know for example a lot of hotel rooms still only with ethernet connection and not with wifi.

Buy for 20 Euro a TP-link TL-WR802N Wi-Fi Router. You can set it on top of the openspot, more or less the same size. You can setup this little gem as a Wireless router or Hotspot Router and at home as a range externder, a client or in access point mode.

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Re: Ethernet and WiFi

Post by BlueSky »

manitou wrote:
Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:22 am
An additional device that converts Ethernet to WiFi can may function properly but you have always this two devices need it plus a powerbank.
If openSPOT would be equipped with Wi-Fi you would have to carry 2 devices also because you have to log into the hotel-WiFi for example. This is only possible with a notebook. And if the hotel has a free Wi-Fi that is completely open in the first level but needs a login name and password in the following web based log in screen you need a notebook to keep the connection active.
So an openSPOT with WiFi would be great with a display to make a log in possible. In the case of an open Wi-Fi with web based log in you need a notebook.

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Re: Ethernet and WiFi

Post by milehigher »

The more features you add the more it takes you make and the more it costs , I am waiting for mine to arrive today , DHL couldn't find my house yesterday, ultimately for something like WiFi maybe you should developed your own and attempt to bring it to market , I for one think that the openspot is awesome , very few products have the super team beyond them that are currently making updates and taking customer input and making things happen like openspot is , they are already breaking new ground and answering a community need with such an effort , adding tech costs time and money , that is a time and money taking away from the current product development and advancement ,Icom everytime it adds a new feature to dstar it sells out the existing radios for closer to what they should sell for and brings out the new generstion for top shelf price. Openspot on the other hand has a great product with a steady advancement of features for the same price of entry, with amazing customer support team asking for WiFi is asking to make there product "obsolete" and coming out with a more expensive less robustly supported device , as I see it they are devoted to making the best product possible with support, rather then a design team coming up with added features for added cost and making six generations of the product, they are dedicated to making there existing product the best it can be , buy it get off the fence and enjoy it .... as my doorbell rings mine is hear whoray!!!!!!!!.

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