Rx online like Hoseline

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Rx online like Hoseline

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Good morning,

I would like to request a feature, similar to the way that we can log into openSPOT.
To be able to listen (RX) what we choose to connect to, whilst being in a different
location to our SharkRF would be a neat.

Thank you for reading.

Warmest Regards
Joe G7kdz.

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Re: Rx online like Hoseline

Post by WB5JJJ »

If you are asking to "hear" what the openSPOT is transmitting to your radio, this is never going to be possible as the OS is only forwarding the data packets to/from your HT. There is no audio anywhere in the OS or a way to derive it from the data packets.
George Cotton, WB5JJJ
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Re: Rx online like Hoseline

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You can listen to all talkgroups of Brandmeister on hoseline.


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