XLX servers supporting C4FM

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XLX servers supporting C4FM

Post by digitaldaz »

Does anyone have any experience of connecting the Openspot2 to the new XLX version that natively supports C4FM

I have been testing with one of my users on XLX305, xlx.m5adi.com but he has been unsuccessful so far.

If anyone with the knowledge could try and connect that would be great, I just cannot fathom it, I myself have no C4FM kit.


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Re: XLX servers supporting C4FM

Post by HA2NON »

You have to use the YSFReflector connector to connect to these servers. As the XLX server currently only supports module selection using Wires-X button commands handled by the server, you have to disable Wires-X button command interpretation of the openSPOT2 on the Settings page, C4FM settings section, so the server will handle Wires-X button commands instead of the OS2.
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