Unlink Command on DStar

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Unlink Command on DStar

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I just received my new Openspot 2 yesterday and I am getting ready to configure the setup on the device. This morning I was talking to a ham friend and he has an OS2 now for two weeks and is working fine for him. However, he informed me that he could not find how to disconnect off a reflector/repeater using the unlink command. Is this done by clear logs? With DMR you use a 4000 command to unlink from talk groups. What command or setup do you use for the Openspot 2 using DStar, since I'm getting mine setup for use?

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Re: Unlink Command on DStar

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The openSPOT2 is designed to be always online so the unlink command is not supported. Just leave it plugged in and online.

If this bothers you, you can switch to a configuration profile which has the Null connector as the active connector.
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