Gateway Connections

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Gateway Connections

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Are there certain steps to take when changing from reflectors to gateways?

I tried connecting to A62A and did the following steps, but when I tried to connect it left me on the reflector I was originally connected to, then the Openspot voice said it was trying to connect but never connected. Here are the following steps I put into my Openspot2.local page using my IPhone:

Changed reflectors to gateways
Chose A62A from the pull down server field
Chose the letter module from the pull down field

Once I accomplish this do I need to add server, do a save and then switch to selected? Still trying to experiment with the new device. I assumed once you do the initial setup on the device that the rest was done using your radio.

On my original Openspot I was able to use my IRCDDB remote app on my IPhone, type in the call sign and tap on it using my IPhone and it would link me up. On another note I have not been able to the same using my new Openspot 2 or is it still possible to do this or not. Thanks

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Re: Gateway Connections

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Just use the Quick Setup to connect to the gateway.

Otherwise you need the following steps:

- Switch from reflectors to gateways
- Select the server
- Set the local module to a space character
- Click on the save button

If the currently active connector is the REF/XRF connector then the OS2 will automatically try to connect to the server.
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