Letter Designator After Call Sign with OS2

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Letter Designator After Call Sign with OS2

Post by MG64 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:09 pm

What does the letter D after your call sign mean. Disconnect? When I'm on a reflector and I use my ID-51A to switch to a repeater I see the letter D after my call sign on the dashboard. The Openspot says I connected to the repeater and then it says Openspot disconnected. When I go the openspot2.local screen on my IPhone below Check DStar Registration, the local module shows the letter D. If I try erase it and then try and save it shows error local module field is empty It does not allow me to erase the letter. My friend informed me that field is supposed to empty after he reviewed his openspot2.local page using his IPhone X. Do I need to do a 3 second reset again?

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Re: Letter Designator After Call Sign with OS2

Post by HA2NON » Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:40 am

D is your local module.

If you want to use a reflector, set the URCALL on your radio to CQCQCQ, and the local module to D in the openSPOT2.

If you want to use a gateway, set the URCALL to the gateway's callsign and remote module. Remote module should be the last character of the URCALL. In this case, set the local module to a space character in the openSPOT2.
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