DMR to Local Repeater TG

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DMR to Local Repeater TG

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I am very interested in a OPENSPOT 2, but I have a question that I haven't been able to find the answer to online. Can you use the OPENSPOT2 to communicate with the Local Brandmeister TG 9 on your local repeater. I can't reach the local repeater reliably from my house. I know I can use an outside antenna, but would like to be able to walk around with a handheld in the house. I have watched several videos about setting up the OPENSPOT 2 and see choices about local TG's. But never seen how it is used. Is this possible.
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Re: DMR to Local Repeater TG

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I guess, while the connection to the BrandMeister is used it is not possible to talk directly to repeater TG9 with a hostpot, however, using HBLink and DMR Gateway it is possible to arrange a local network to where hotspots can connect using MMDVM protocol and talk to local talk groups of the repeater.

This apply if the repeater is a MMDVM repeater.

73 de Veijo OH4VA
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