Openspot2 - Mistake for SharkRf???

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Re: Openspot2 - Mistake for SharkRf???

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I agree thats why I'm hanging onto my original openspot

if it ever fails I go with a zumspot

shark rf has lost my vote by no longer supporting the product

my biggest gripe was removing the rj45 connector
I've got your DMR #
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SharkRF team
SharkRF team
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Re: Openspot2 - Mistake for SharkRf???

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Please note that the original openSPOT is still supported.
Norbert Varga, HA2NON
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Re: Openspot2 - Mistake for SharkRf???

Post by Jkingjfk »

No matter what they do there will always be people who complain about something. I have 2 originals and 2 of the new ones and they have always worked flawlessly. I tip my hat to the Shark RF team for doing a great job.
73 W3ADC
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Re: Openspot2 - Mistake for SharkRf???

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I have had an OS1 for around 2 years and been totally satisfied with the performance, firmware upgrades and customer service when required. Having just bought an OS2 I also see a great improvement over the previous model and am looking forward to finding out all the features of this model. Both units fill an important niche in the hotspot markets and are essentially “plug and play” and once working do not need constant fiddling to keep going, this suits me and I suspect many others. I have used the OS1 on DMR, DMR Plus, crossmode DMR to C4FM and DStar, all modes have worked faultlessly and I look forward to the same with OS2, thank you Shark RF hope to see more from you in the future... VK4ZTG
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Re: Openspot2 - Mistake for SharkRf???

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I got it for my specific needs.

1. Portable - fits in my small pouch with external power pack and phone so I can tether and walk around hamfests or wherever and have access to my favorite talkgroups

2. Fast boot up - Linux is a great OS and I have a zumspot at my office which is on 24X7. But for plugging in and out/powering up and down, and not doing a proper shutdown (yes the unit works in RO mode but still could corrupt the SD card), you risk corruption and having to reformat your SD card. The OS2 boots up fast and connects to my AP just as fast.

3. Audio and visual displays. When driving, its nice to have the audible feedback if I am connected or not, either to the AP or the internet or the server. The LED display is not over bearing when driving so I can easily tell if I am connected or not and whether the OS2 is receiving me or transmitting to me.

I think its just best to say that each modem out there serves a specific need for specific individuals and just doing your homework will be the best route. I didn't see a need to have a OS2 at home and I strictly use it out and about and in my car. Since its all short range for me, I don't have any issues.

But for my office, I do like the zumspot and pi zero combination.
Ed Velez
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