brandmeister talkgroups 45000 and above

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brandmeister talkgroups 45000 and above

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Guys, I've been looking at both the brandmeister hoseline and last heard and notice tat therea re talkgroups that are in the range of tg45000 or so. It appears as if they could be lnnkages to brandmeister via talkgroup to reflectors, but when I tried to either quick call or enter the TG into the radio, it did not allow the call to go through. It also appears as if some of these groups coupld be cross mode and I know how this is done, but I wanted to varify just what was going on. Is it best to connect directly via web to the crossmode c4fm reflector or room that way or how does this work when I see activity on these weird TGs and want to participate? Would it also be best to just figure out which reflector the TG links to and go that way?
I have another question, but it's not related so I will post in another segment. Thanks. Noel K5NER

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Re: brandmeister talkgroups 45000 and above

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Just use those talkgroups the same as you would use any other talkgroup. BrandMeister does not limit the number range used for talkgroups. You should ask the BrandMeister support at for further information about these talkgroups.
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