Audio Issue with Anytone Radios

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Audio Issue with Anytone Radios

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I have both the Anytone 868 and 878 radios both running current firmware and CPS. The first three weeks I owned my Openspot 2, all the receive audio coming from the 868 was garbled. I contacted customer support and went through several resets and changing of settings and the problem persisted. I was extremely frustrated by the ongoing poor audio to the point where I was ready to return the Openspot2 for refund. Under the modem category, I changed the modulation setting from the default 4fsk + raised co-sign to 4fsk. This change was found somewhere in this forum that had been posted by another member who had the same problem. Shark RF customer service never suggested this change in modulation. Changing to 4 fsk worked and the audio coming from the 868 was now clear.
I purchased the Anytone 878 a few weeks later and installed the same code plug from my 868 radio to start with. The Anytone 878 produces clear receive audio with the modulation set on 4 FSK as well as 4 FSK + raised co-sign. Anyone have any ideas what causes this difference between the two radios, even when they are using the same code plug?
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Re: Audio Issue with Anytone Radios

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4FSK+ the raised-cosine filter has worked for me on both the 868
and the 878 from the beginning, although I have flashed the 868
to become a 878 since. See:
73, Alex DH2ID
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