Os2 as transmit only

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Os2 as transmit only

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I wish to transmit a dmr net to a local analog repeater. However, the ncs doesnt want checkins via analog due to picket fencing, weak signal, mic volume, etc. My radio ignores tx prohibit when placed into cross band mode. I cant change os2 modem rx frequency because the ht thinks it is a repeater and looks for a timing signal. The rx after tx delay doesnt seem to function. I tried a value of 20000ms or 20s but no luck. Maybe the dmr ID lock? I have 2 IDs. I could lock the os2 to one of them and set the mobile radio to the other during the net. Any other ideas?
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Re: Os2 as transmit only

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Setting a DMR ID lock makes the openSPOT2 only accept incoming calls received by it's modem for the configured DMR IDs. Where do you see the RX after TX delay setting?
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