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HI everyone,

I'm trying to use TG3 on IPSC2. I can TX and people can hear me, but I cant RX. The radio is set to TS2 and it works on all my statewide channels. It only TG3 that doesnt work, I have also tried TS1. Also, what is the point of the allow user link box under the static area?

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Set your radio's TX contact to DMR ID 3 with a group call, or create an RX group list in your radio with TG3 in it, and assign this list to the currently used channel. This way your radio will open the squelch when a call to TG3 is received.

Make sure call rerouting is turned off while doing tests for the first time so it will be easier to fix any configuration issues.

Allow user linking means you can dynamically link/unlink talkgroups and reflectors using your transceiver, but this also depends on the configuration of the currently used server.
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