Openspot 2 will configure

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Openspot 2 will configure

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I have an Openspot 2 had for 2 years never been able to get it to connect. I pushed h reset button in for 4 minutes until the LED went out when it came back the LED started blinking red then after 2-3 minutes it blinked between red and amber. Also when I go to my wifi connections on my iPhone I see one CGNM-D8. I don’t know the password for it or why it comes up. I know this is generated from the Openspot 2. Any help appreciated.
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Re: Openspot 2 will configure

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Please upgrade the device firmware manually first.
You can find the manual upgrade instructions in the user manual: ... l#page-top ("I want to manually upgrade the firmware" section)

The mentioned Wi-Fi network is not broadcasted by the openSPOT2. Its configuration Wi-Fi network's name is "openSPOT2 AP".
Norbert Varga, HA2NON
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