D-Star DNS db stale entries

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D-Star DNS db stale entries

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Great box! I really love your product. Thank you.

I am unable to connect to most of the D-Star gateway repeaters I try around the world. Some work, but most do not. It seems to be a stale DNS issue with db.sharkrf.com. When I check with ping, repeater addresses resolve to an IP but there’s no response. An example is IR0MA. Sometimes I find a gateway repeater which works, but mainly they don’t…

I have tried overriding my local DNS settings. That doesn’t change anything.

Am I right that these might be stale entries in the database? How can we help to keep it updated? Thanks!
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SharkRF team
SharkRF team
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Re: D-Star DNS db stale entries

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Not all gateways accept Dplus connections, or client connections at all. *.db.sharkrf.com URLs are used if you switch servers from your transceiver. They point to the server's IP address.
Norbert Varga, HA2NON
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