Openspot and the Hughesnet Gen5 system

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Openspot and the Hughesnet Gen5 system

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I just got connected to the new Hughesnet Gen 5 system. I just made my first contact using this set up and the other station noticed some packet loss but not enough to make the connection unreadable. I am hoping someone has this set up and can tell me if there is any configuration changes that would make connections as good as possible. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Re: Openspot and the Hughesnet Gen5 system

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Finding Hughes Gen 5 users will be tough. For my 2 cents, check your status page and monitor your signal and packet loss at your OpenSPOT. You can also experiment with your DMR Modulation Mode. If you have not done an AutoCal, do,that first. If after you calibrate you still have issues try Mode F and see how I does.

The OpenSPOT uses very little data and the Gen 5 should handle it without problems. I would look at you radio interface and demodulation Mode.

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