APRS and Brandmeister

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APRS and Brandmeister

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My Anytone 878UV is updating APRS every hour despite my 300 second setting in Brandmeister self-care.
I have read that OS2 does not directly send APRS packets, that Brandmeister does this.
Anyone know why BM is sending APRS updates every hour despite my settings?

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Re: APRS and Brandmeister

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If you enable the APRS client in the openSPOT2, then it will update your location periodically, independent from the BrandMeister Network. The BrandMeister server may also upload your openSPOT2's location periodically if the server supports it (several servers do this, but this depends on their configuration).
Norbert "Nonoo" Varga, HA2NON
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