Inquiring Minds would like to Know....

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Inquiring Minds would like to Know....

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My Openspot 2 was delivered about December 1st,2019.. I see SharkRF is now taking orders for the new Openspot3, just announced. At the time I made my purchase less than 60 days ago, there was talk of upgrades, additional features and other "promises" designed to perfect/enhance the Openspot2 and encouraged my purchase. Now a new improved model is pending. So soon?
1. Will developement of features continue with the OPENSPOT 2?
2. Will the OPENSPOT2 firmware upgrades move into a maintenance/fix only mode?
3. Can we expect further developement of the OPENSPOT2 as a viable current product?
4. Any projected sunset date for the OpenSpot2. Or did it just sunset?
5. Any future predictions? What can I look forward to in 6 months or a year?

Inquiring minds would like to know.
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SharkRF team
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Re: Inquiring Minds would like to Know....

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The openSPOT2 already has all advertised features, so no new features are planned. Both the openSPOT and the openSPOT2 are still supported and currently there's no end of support date.
Norbert Varga, HA2NON
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